Top 3 High-Protein Seeds to Boost Your Diet

Get a Protein Boost

Need to top up your meal with extra proteins? A spoonful of high-protein seeds is the perfect add-on. Here are the best 3 seeds to use!


Flax Seeds

These nutty, golden-brown seeds pack over 5 grams of protein per spoonful. And also have more fibres than any other seed!

Weight-Loss Flax Granola

So, tip flax seeds into this homemade granola for a nutritious boost — lots of fibres and proteins that'll fill you up for hours!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Pumpkin Seeds

With a whopping 8 grams of proteins, pumpkin seeds beat flax! And did you know they're also great to boost mood and fight stress? Cool!

Crunchy Rainbow Salad

So, brighten up with this colourful salad: zucchini ribbons, juicy tangerines, and of course a good handful of pumpkin seeds!


Hemp Seeds

And now, brace yourself for hemp seeds: weight by weight, they pack almost as many proteins as meat. And their proteins are complete!

Hemp Protein Brownies

So, make some seriously mighty brownies with our high-protein combo of hemp seeds, black beans, and peanut butter. Pure power!

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