The Best Oatmeal Toppings for Weight Loss

Top It Right

If you choose your oatmeal toppings wisely, you can turn that breakfast bowl into a diet-perfect breakfast. And here's how to do it!

Balance the Macros

Plain oatmeal is a carb-rich meal. So, use toppings to balance it with proteins and healthy fats. Which ones are best?


Go Nuts

Top your oatmeal with high-protein nuts, like peanuts, almonds, and pistachios. Whole nuts or creamy nut butter are both great!


Tip in Mighty Seeds

Scatter your oatmeal with flax, hemp, or pumpkin seeds for even more proteins and healthy fats!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Add a Dollop of Yogurt

Greek yogurt or plant-based soy yogurt top up your porridge with proteins but very few calories — and even make it extra creamy!


Choose Low-Carb Fruits

A fruity topping makes your oatmeal tastier, but stick to low-calorie fruits like berries to keep the carbs in check!


And when you can't get berries, turn to low-calorie watery fruits like grapefruit, melon, or kiwi. Mix and match — and have fun!


Try a Spice Mix

Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet spice blends, not sugar or syrups. Try pumpkin pie, chai, or carrot cake spice mix!


Boost it Up

Round up your oatmeal with a weight-loss booster. Try matcha for fat burn, ginger to curb hunger or turmeric to fight belly fat!

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