7 Lysine-Rich Foods Vegans Need Every Day

Why Do You Need Lysine?

A building block of proteins, lysine is an amino acid essential for muscle mass and metabolism, healthy and strong bones.

Which Foods Have Lysine?

As your body can’t make it, you need to get your daily lysine from foods like meat, fish, and eggs. But what about plant foods?

How Do Vegans Get Lysine?

The best plant-based foods with lysine are legumes and seeds. Here are the top 7 sources, plus recipe ideas to try!



Just 1 cup of firm tofu packs all the lysine you need. So, get your daily fix with a nice Asian stir-fry, like this sizzling tofu pad thai!

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Not into tofu? No problem. Edamame beans are just as rich in lysine. They’re brilliant in salads like this spicy kale buddha bowl!


White Beans

Lima beans (AKA butter beans) are a top source of lysine. You can whizz them into a creamy soup for dinner with cashews and kale pesto!


Black & Red Kidney Beans

These lysine-rich legumes go well in everyday meals like stews, wraps and curries. Looking for ideas? Eat them the Lebanese way!


Pumpkin Seeds

Add a handful of seeds to your morning oatmeal for a boost of lysine. Hemp and chia seeds are also excellent options!


Green Peas

Frozen peas are such a convenient way to increase your lysine intake. Pair them with whole wheat pasta for complete vegan proteins!



Incredibly nutritious, this gluten-free ‘grain’ is also high in lysine. It’s the ideal filler for a healthy lunch bowl like this one!

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