What's The Healthiest Way To Eat Kale?

The Best Way to Eat Kale

Wondering if it’s healthier to eat kale raw or cooked? Here’s how to get the most nutrients out of this incredible super-green.

Kale: Raw or Cooked?

Cooking kale reduces its vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making raw kale a more nutritious option. But that’s not the whole story!

Can You Eat Kale Raw?

Raw kale is very fibrous: it's harder to digest and its nutrients are trickier to access. Plus, it tastes quite bitter. So, what to do?

#1 Blitz

Blend raw kale into a smoothie to break down the tough fibres, unlocking more nutrients. One more reason to make this green smoothie!

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#2 Massage

You read it right! Give kale a quick massage with lemon juice to soften it and reduce bitterness. Check how in this raw kale salad recipe!

Cooking Kale for Nutrients

But wait, cooked kale is still incredibly healthy and nutritious — especially if you follow these two cooking methods.

#1 Steam

Steamed kale is maybe the best kale. Why? It loses the fewest nutrients, it’s easier to digest and tastes better.

#2 Simmer

Boiled kale is still good for you, even more so if you keep the cooking juices where nutrients leach. How? Make a hearty kale soup!

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