The 3 Healthiest Ways to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy?

Rich in complex carbs and fibres, sweet potatoes fill you for long and provide long-lasting energy, helping you lose weight.

Sweet Potatoes Healthy Cooking

The way you cook sweet potatoes can affect their calories and even your blood sugar levels, boosting or hindering their health benefits.

Best Ways to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Here are 3 cooking methods that make the healthiest way to eat sweet potatoes, plus weight loss recipe ideas to put them into action!



Boiling sweet potatoes instead of baking them halves their glycemic index, thus preventing sugar spikes and fat deposits.

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Recipe Idea #1

So, stew sweet potatoes in a hearty curry with lentils and tomatoes for a diet-friendly meal. Recipe below!


Cooked & Cooled

If you leave sweet potatoes to cool down after boiling, they develop resistant starch, an undigestible carb that boosts weight loss!

Recipe Idea #2

So, enjoy a healthy sweet potato mash and use up the leftovers to make oatmeal breakfast cookies like these!


Roasted Skin-on

Fibres in the peel offset the sugar spike you get from baked sweet potatoes. Pro tip: season with vinegar for optimal sugar control!

Recipe Idea #3

So, roast skin-on sweet potatoes with a little oil and add them to this weight loss quinoa bowl. Perfect for meal-prepping!

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