6 Tips To Get More Vitamin C Naturally

A Precious Vitamin

Whether it’s for stronger immunity, healthier skin, or better iron absorption, increasing your daily vitamin C intake is good for you.

How to Boost Vit C

But before you start shopping for a supplement, try these 5 effective tips to get more vitamin C naturally from food!


Choose Fresh, Ripe Fruits

Vitamin C is highest in fresh fruits at their peak ripeness. So, get what’s in season or opt for frozen fruits—and tip them in your porridge!


Drink Your Vitamin C

Raw produce has the most vitamin C. So, whizz greens and berries into a healthy smoothie, just like this one!

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Add Vit C to Each Meal

It’s easier to meet your daily needs if you have a source of vitamin C with each meal. You can even sneak it into a quick chia pudding for a snack!


Mix Raw & Cooked Foods

Combine raw and cooked produce to recoup vitamin C lost from heat. It’s as easy as adding lemon juice or a cut-up orange to this kale stew!


Cook It Fast…

Foods like kale, peppers, tomatoes, and cabbage retain more vitamin C when cooked quickly, like in a stir-fry. Try this easy Korean recipe!


…Or Cook it Gently!

With soups instead, simmer vegetables at very low heat. Now, why not put this into action with our Goji berry pepper soup? A blast of vitamin C!

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