8 Tropical Smoothies to Brighten your Day


Mangosteen Smoothie

In Thailand they call mangosteen the "queen" of fruits. It's the cutest fruit ever, and it's quite a treat too! Total diva.


Rambutan Smoothie

If you like lychees, you'll love rambutan! It a great addition in tropical smoothies and look how cool it looks!


Jackfruit Smoothie

Most know of green jackfruit but may have never tried the ripe yellow one. Shame! It tastes 10 times better, and it's simply divine in a smoothie. Try it!


Butterfly Pea Smoothie

Ok, let's get fancy now and use some butterfly peas to make the cutest blue smoothie ever! Check how we did it.

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Purple Yam Smoothie

And if you're more of a purple person, here's how you make a creamy smoothie with ube. So good...


Mango Oat Smoothie

This one is really great for breakfast, thanks to all the fibres from the oats. Let the mango overripe and you'll be in heaven!


Guava Mango Smoothie

Oh, and if you get hold of some guava, then it goes really well with mango too! Check how we used them together.


Guava Pineapple Smoothie

And when you do find guava, toss a couple of pineapples in your trolley. Swipe up and you'll thank us later!

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