8 Vegan Black Beans Recipes You Should Try


Black Bean Brownies

Let's start with everyone's favourite sweet treat: chocolaty brownies! Cut out butter and eggs, and use mashed black beans instead. Same gooeyness, but fully vegan.


Black Bean Power Bowl

This brilliant lunch bowl is a powerhouse of plant-based goodness. No meat, and yet half of your daily proteins per serving. And it's ready in a flash. Awesome!


Black Bean Feijoada

Brazilian feijoada is comforting stew with oranges, chillies, and colourful veggies. Now fully vegan thanks to mighty black beans. Try it and you'll love it!


Black Bean & Beet Poriyal

This easy-peasy Indian stir-fry with beets and shredded coconut is another plant-based recipe with black beans you must try. Divine with some warm flatbread!

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Black Bean Fritters

Tap below and we'll show you how to prepare these Mexican black bean fritters with red peppers, cilantro, and paprika in just 30 minutes. Oh, and they're baked, not fried!


Black Bean Tortilla Chips

These cool-looking tortillas have fewer carbs but much more proteins and fibres than the traditional Mexican corn chips. Swipe up and let's make them together!


Spicy Black Bean Burger

Bye-bye beef burgers, these vegan black bean patties are the new gang in town! They're nutritionally balanced and incredibly flavourful. Get your burger baps ready!


Black Beans Falafels

Bored of the same old chickpea falafels? Try this fun spin with black beans and sweet potatoes. Perfect for topping a light salad or stuffing warm pita pockets!

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