6 Vegan Croquettes to Get the Party Started


Potato Cream Mushroom Croquettes

Surprise your guests with these wonderful croquettes filled with gooey potato cream - no cheese needed. Tap below and discover the recipe now!


Asparagus Cashew Arancini

These bite-sized rice balls make such a brilliant party nibble everyone will ask you for the recipe. Use our black sesame coating mix for extra crunch!


Pumpkin Croquettes

Pumpkin mash is a tasty alternative to potatoes in croquettes, perfect to celebrate the autumn season. Serve them with sriracha or cashew mayo for dipping — simply divine!

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Spicy Tofu Croquettes

These easy nuggets are big in flavour and high in proteins, perfect for those who like to hit the gym. Pair them with our beetroot hummus for an extra protein boost!


Vegan Bolognese Aracini

How about some bolognese sauce filling for those party croquettes? Brilliant! Tap below and discover our vegan spin that's as tasty as the original Italian sauce.


Sweet Potato Croquettes

Try something different for your party buffet with these paprika sweet potato croquettes. And if use our gluten-free cornmeal coating, you'll make everyone happy!

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