7 Vegan High-Protein Breakfasts For Weight Loss


Kiwi Tofu Porridge

Turn this breakfast porridge into a powerhouse of plant-based proteins thanks to creamy tofu and crunchy nuts. Healthy and tasty!


Hemp & Tofu Waffles

You'll love this healthy makeover of the classic waffles, now loaded with lots of plant-based proteins. Great with sweet or savoury toppings!


Maple Baked Beans On Toast

These saucy beans are full of flavour and plant-based goodness, not to mention ready in a flash. Simply divine on toasted sourdough bread!

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Hemp & Spirulina Yogurt Bowl

This soy yogurt smoothie bowl is a feast of textures and flavours, and so fun to prepare. Tip in some spirulina for extra plant power!


Peanut Butter & Quinoa Porridge

This easy porridge has all you need to jump-start your weight loss, from slow-release carbs to filling fibres and proteins. Don't miss it!


Blueberry Tofu Smoothie

When you don't have time to prepare breakfast, you can whizz this protein smoothie in just a few minutes and enjoy it on the go.


Savoury Daal Oatmeal

If you like a bowl of creamy porridge in the morning, give this savoury option a go. Split mung beans top it up with filling proteins!

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