7 Vegan Jamaican Recipes that burst with flavour


A spicy adventure

Bring the flavour of the Caribbean into your kitchen, with these 7 vegan Jamaican recipes.

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Peanut Drops

These crunchy clusters of peanuts are a classic Jamaican snack. We used a cool trick to significantly reduce the sugars. Check this out!


Coconut Drops

Here's another crunchy Jamaican snack. We tweaked the classic recipe to make it simpler and with far fewer sugars. A must try.

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High-Protein Peanut Punch

This protein-rich drink is another quintessential Jamaican recipe, turned vegan. Want the extra PUNCH? Drip in some rum!

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Jamaican Cornmeal Porridge

Could this be your next breakfast? Golden Jamaican Cornmeal Porridge with passion fruit. Oh my!

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Red Peas Soup

Cosy up to this spicy red peas soup with classic Jamaican spindle-shaped dumplings. Yum!


Spicy Pumpkin Rice

Scotch bonnet, squash, and brown rice come together into the most wholesome meal. Swipe up to learn how to adjust the spiciness level!


Vegetable Soup with Buckwheat Dumplings

And here's another happy Jamaican soup. We made the dumplings with buckwheat to turn the recipe also gluten-free. Enjoy!

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