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7 Wonderful Vegan and Low-Carb Breakfast Recipes


Nothing beats a nutritious plant-based breakfast. And what if it's also low-carb? Check out these wonderful vegan low-carb recipes.


Blueberry Blast Smoothie

Start your day with a blast of antioxidants and proteins, with this blueberry silken tofu smoothie.


Papaya Smoothie Bowl

When a glass of smoothie is not enough, go for the bowl! This vegan oatmeal bursts with tropical flavour and is low-carb.

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Walnut Plantain Bread

If you need a slow energy release that lasts all morning long, try out this high-fibre plantain bread.

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Super Tahini Cookies

Vegan and low-carb, these cookies burst with Lebanese flavour. Made with tahini, crunchy pistachios, and cinnamon. Yum!

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Quinoa Chocolate Muffins

If you're game for a high-protein, low-carb breakfast, then give these muffins a go! They're simply irresistible.


Blueberry Chia Pudding

Here's another blueberry feel-good breakfast that is super low-carb and high-protein. Too cute to resist!


Keto Cauliflower Cookies

And finally, the kings of these low-carb recipes! Keto cauliflower cookies. They taste as good as the classics, but are so much healthier.

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