7 Vegan One-Pot Meals for the Whole Family


Glass Noodle Pad Thai

Takeaway noodles are tasty, but a good homemade pad Thai is even better — and healthier! All you need is a nice big wok and a few simple ingredients.


Meatless Bamia

Simply swap lamb with chickpeas and cook this hearty Middle Eastern stew all in one pot. Ready in 30 minutes, it's perfect for a speedy family dinner. Give it a go!


Mushroom Curry

Indian curries are the simplest and tastiest one-pot recipes. Add in some king oyster mushrooms for a "meaty" texture and extra flavour. Tap below and try it tonight!

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Thai Green Bean Pilaf

Spicy, fresh, and delicious, this one-pot rice dish bursts with wonderful Thai flavours. It's a breeze to make and it covers 2 of your 5-a-day. Super!


Jollof Rice

This one-pot meal from Nigeria bursts with wonderful spices, herbs, and veggies. And the great thing is, it tastes good both hot and cold — so pack any leftovers for the next day!


Lentil Mujadara

Turn a humble rice and lentil dish into a feast of flavours with this delicious Lebanese recipe. Those caramelised onions are to die for — so tap below and learn how to make them!


Red Cabbage Soup

Try something utterly delicious tonight: creamy red cabbage soup with orange jam. You won't believe how good it is!

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