8 Vegan Substitutes to Meat and Fish


Tofu Karaage

Firm tofu makes a wonderful replacement to chicken in nuggets and it's just as nutritious. Try it in this Japanese starter recipe!


Jackfruit & Flax Burger

Jackfruit gives plant-based burgers a "meaty" texture, while flaxseeds top them up with precious nutrients. Great for "meatballs" too!


Mushroom Shawarma

This brilliant makeover with crispy strips of spiced king oyster mushrooms is so good and easy it's mind-blowing!


Jackfruit "Crab" Cakes

You'll love this plant-base remake of the famous crab cakes from Maryland, made with jackfruit chunks instead of crab. Don't miss them!

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Chilli Mushroom Meatballs

Our favourite way of making plant-based meatballs is with one simple ingredient: king oyster mushrooms. They're meaty and juicy!


Nori "Fish" Cakes

Nori seaweed has a briny, seawater taste which makes you think about fish. So, mix it with mashed cannellini beans in vegan fish cakes!


"Chicken" Cordon Bleu

This vegan chicken cordon bleu is another recipe where jackfruit shines. Tap below to discover our clever swap for bacon slices!


"Tuna" Pasta Salad

Flaked nori and whizzed chickpeas come together into a brilliant vegan tuna alternative. Try it in this 30-minute pasta salad!

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