10 Ways to Add Ginger to Your Diet


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Ginger is a powerful health booster, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. So, eating even a little of this root every day is incredibly good for you.

And the good news is there are so many ways to use ginger root in the kitchen. Need some inspiration? These 10 easy and healthy ginger recipes are a great place to start!


Detox Green Smoothie

Reap all the benefits of raw ginger with this cleansing juice. Sip it first thing in the morning to flush away toxins, hydrate, and start the day at your best!

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Ginger Herbal Tea

And for teatime, brew a soothing cup of this ginger tea. A blend of fragrant herbs, lemon peel, and fresh ginger — all ingredients you may already have in your kitchen!


Ginger Pumpkin Cookies

Fancy some gingerbread cookies with that cup of tea? Great idea! But skip those store-bought, sugary cookies and try this wholesome alternative. Grab the recipe below!


Spiced Hot Chocolate

Not just for smoothies and tea, ginger is great in hot chocolate too! Here, we paired it with chai spices to make a warming drink full of zing. Enjoy it!

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Ginger Goji Berry Soup

Now, time for savoury recipe ideas! Let's get inspired by Asian cuisine where ginger is a staple in curries, sauces, and soups — like this colourful Chinese berry soup. Try it!

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Thai-Style Ginger Pilaf

This one-pot pilaf is such a simple yet delicious recipe you'll be making it again again. Lots of ginger, chillies, and crunchy veggies simmered with hearty rice. Yum!

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Ginger Honey-Glazed Tofu

And here's another Asian ginger recipe you'll love. It's a sweet and spicy glaze with chillies, ginger, and caramelised honey. Perfect for veggies, meat, or tofu!


Spiced Roasted Cashews

And if you have some leftover honey, make a spiced glaze for roasted cashews along with ground ginger and turmeric. It's a satisfying nibble that bursts with health!


Ginger Buckwheat Porridge

No worries, we didn't forget about breakfast! So, how about a healthy porridge to start the day right? This one pairs glorious ginger with fresh fruit and high-protein buckwheat!


Ginger Power Balls

And when you don't have time to make breakfast, stash a few of these energy balls in your bag. Oats, nut butter, and a yummy spice blend will fuel your day with taste!

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