7 Handy Tips to Help You Eat Less Meat

Cutting Down on Meat

Whether you're doing it for your health, for the environment, or for your wallet, cutting down on meat is a good thing. But what's the best way to go about it?

7 Handy Tips

The secret is to start small. So, here are 7 handy tips that'll help you get started. Plus delicious recipe ideas to inspire you and make plant-based eating fuss-free and so exciting!


Discover Vegan Makeovers

Think of your favourite meat-based dish and try its vegan makeover. For example, you can make delicious Mexican tacos with marinated and pulled jackfruit like these ones!


Use "Meaty" Mushrooms

Some vegetables have a firm and chewy texture that feels like biting into meat. Like king oyster mushrooms. Try them in these spongy vegan meatballs!

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or Eggplants!

Roasted eggplants are also brilliant, perfect for stuffing wraps and sandwiches. Give them a go in this glorious French toastie — you'll love it!


Give Tofu a Shot

Tofu is so versatile, and cheap. And easy to flavour up with spices and marinades. This Thai stir-fry with garlic chilli sauce and cashews will surprise you!

and Maybe Tempeh Too

If you feel even more adventurous, give tempeh a go! These cakes of compacted soybeans are so meaty. Drizzle them with our buffalo sauce for meat-free wings!


Fill Up with Beans

Beans are great to either complement meat or replace it altogether. They're perfect in curries, stews, and casseroles like this saucy Lebanese moussaka!


Try Bean Burgers

Beans are also amazing for burgers. Simply whizz canned beans with seasonings, shape into patties, and pan-fry. This curried mung bean burger is a great place to start!


Add High-Protein Grains

Worried you won't get enough proteins without meat? Grains come to the rescue! Fill up your bowl with brown rice, quinoa, or buckwheat to stay on top of your protein needs.


Load on Sauces

Missing the flavour of meat? Give a savoury kick to vegan dishes with soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and mushroom stock, or try this spicy miso marinade next — so good!

and Seasonings!

And of course, spices and herbs can do a lot for flavour too. Keep a few spice blends always at hand like curry mix, berbere seasoning, Italian herbs, or this cajun-style blend!

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