7 Ways to Turn Cabbage Into Something Delicious

Do you find cabbage bland, unappetising, and hard to add to your diet? Here are 7 delicious recipe ideas that'll change your mind!


Grate Into Fritters

Warm, crispy fritters can practically make any veggie taste good. So, try our recipe with red cabbage, fresh apples, and aromatic fennel!


Turn into Wraps

You can use large cabbage leaves as clever veggie wraps. Just steam or boil them and stuff them with our tasty Lebanese lentil mix!


Use as Stuffing

Cabbage is a brilliant low-calorie filler for dumplings, savoury pastries, and ravioli. Put it into action with these cute steamed momos!

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Puree In Soups

Ever tried pairing cabbage with orange? It's a mind-blowing combo that'll make you want to eat this veggie soup every day!


Shred in Coleslaw

Coleslaw is the heaven of cabbage. But if you're getting tired of the same old recipe, try our Mexican twist with avocado — perfect for tacos!


Add to Stir-Fries

No stir-fry is complete without some cabbage. The secret is to add it for last to keep it crunchy. Try it out in this glorious Pad Thai!


Burger Topping

Top patties with a good heap of cabbage to round up your burger with a satisfying crunch and get your serving of veggies in one swoop!

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