10 Ways To Use Bananas in Healthy Recipes

Healthy & Versatile

Not just delicious and versatile, bananas are also high in fibres and naturally sweet. This wonderful fruit truly makes a healthy addition to your diet!

Must-Try Banana Recipes

So, if you want to discover new and exciting ways to use bananas in the kitchen, here are 10 amazing banana recipes for you — both sweet and savoury!


Banana Flapjacks

Let's start with these healthy energy bars, AKA flapjacks. We revisited the classic recipe, taking out all the nasties and bringing in lots of wholesome ingredients!


Cashew Banana Granola

Here's another healthy makeover you can't miss. Super crunchy granola with bananas, cashews, and quinoa. Big in flavour and bursting with goodness!

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Banana Lavender Ice Cream

And speaking of goodness, ever heard of "nice" cream? It's the low-fat, healthier version of classic gelato. Try our recipe with lavender flowers, blueberries, and of course, bananas!


Tropical Maki Rolls

Now, let's take a break from sweet treats and use bananas to stuff these exotic rice rolls. It's a fun tropical spin on the traditional Japanese maki you must try!


Blue Pea Banana Smoothie

And if you're in the mood for another exotic recipe, check out this blue smoothie. Made with blue butterfly pea flowers from Thailand. Healthy and so pretty — what's not to love?


Almond Banana Bread

Banana bread, we haven't forgotten about you! This breakfast favourite uses overripe bananas instead of sugar, but we took it a step forward and made it fully vegan too!


Banana Protein Blondies

And if you want to see what else bananas can do in bakes, try these awesome blondies! Forget those sugar-loaded bars, these beauties are the new (healthy) gang in town!


Banana Quinoa Porridge

Now, let's get back to breakfast basics with a nice banana oatmeal. But don't let this simple recipe fool you: it's a nutrient powerhouse loaded with proteins and fibres. Super!


Strawberry Banana Pudding

The same goes for this breakfast chia pudding! It's a breeze to make and so nutritious. You can mix all together or layer the ingredients into a pretty parfait. Swipe up and try it today!


Coconut Banana Curry

And finally, here's a savoury recipe with bananas that'll surprise you! It's a hearty curry infused with tropical flavours. Make it with prawns or use plant-based tofu!

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