12 Ways to Use Chickpeas In Vegan Recipes

Chickpeas are a nutrient-dense legume, and incredibly versatile. Discover 12 easy ways to use them in these healthy vegan recipes. Let's go!


Chickpea Moussaka

You can swap minced meat with chickpeas in vegan casserole dishes. Try them in this wonderful Lebaneses-style moussaka — the perfect family dish!


Chickpea Fritters

These vegan patties are as tasty as easy to make — baked not fried. They're great with salads or stuffed in sandwiches for a boost of plant-based proteins.


Chickpea Pockets

We bet you'll have a lot of fun making these stuffed balls. It's a Middle Eastern recipe known as kibbeh that uses chickpeas to make both the shell and filling.

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Chickpea Okra Stew

This saucy stew with okra pods, chickpeas, and onions is an easy vegan meal you can prepare in just 30 minutes. Mop it up with some warm flatbread!


Vegan "Chicken" Parmesan

Mashed chickpeas make a wonderful meat replacement. Try them in this fully plant-based version of the classic chicken parmesan. Swipe up for the recipe!


Harissa Chickpea Pasta Salad

Whenever you make pasta, tip in some canned chickpeas for a nice nutrient boost. Here, we paired them with spicy harissa paste and summer veggies!


Chickpea Raspberry Blondies

If you can make healthy vegan brownies with black beans, why not blondies with chickpeas? It's a brilliant idea! Tap below and see it in action.


Smashed Chickpea Sandwich

Looking for a vegan sandwich filler idea? We got it: smashed chickpeas with nutty tahini. It's a nutritious and satisfying option for your next lunch!


Moroccan Chickpea Salad

Top up this wholesome lunch salad with chickpeas, pistachios, and goji berries for a blast of plant-based goodness. And don't forget the Moroccan dressing!


Brown Chickpea Soup

When it's cold outside, cosy up to a bowl of this hearty stew made with brown chickpeas, Tuscan kale, and sweet pumpkin. Ready in a flash!


Chickpea Chapati

Chapati is the perfect companion to a good Indian curry, and it's so easy to make at home. Today, why not try our wheat-free recipe with chickpea flour? So good!


Vegan Tuna Pasta Salad

Chickpeas are not only great for mock-meats but for vegan fish too. Discover our perfect "fishy" blend for this tuna pasta salad. Super easy and tasty!

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