10 Fun Ways To Use Up a Can of Tomato Sauce

Got an open can of tomato sauce? Here are 10 ways to use it up! Easy, healthy, and yummy recipes with tomato sauce that go beyond pasta. Discover them all!


Smoky Zucchini Enchiladas

Mix tomato sauce with smoked paprika, chillies, and cumin and you've got the perfect topping sauce for these fun zucchini rolls — a low-carb twist on the famous Mexican wraps!


Tomato Apricot BBQ Sauce

Whizz tomato sauce with mustard and apricots to make a fabulous BBQ dressing. Sweet and tangy, it's perfect for marinating or glazing all your favourite grilled foods!


Tikka Masala Curry

What's curry without its glorious sauce? So, stir that can of tomato sauce into this Indian tikka masala curry and throw in the chicken, or use pulled jackfruit like us!

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Maple Syrup Tomato Beans Toast

Tomato sauce comes in handy even at breakfast. You can rustle up this healthy morning toast in minutes. Pair it with a fruit smoothie and start the day right!


Lebanese Fasolia

Tomato sauce is at home in this Middle Eastern spiced bean stew. It's an easy one-pot meal, so comforting yet healthy. The perfect idea for a quick midweek dinner!


Spiced Chickpea Moussaka

And if you love Lebanese cuisine, make this casserole next! Delicious layers of juicy grilled eggplants, spiced chickpeas and heaps of tomato sauce.


Nigerian "Jollof" Tomato Rice

For this colourful African rice dish, put together a tasty red sauce with canned chopped tomatoes, red peppers, and paprika. Top it off with thyme and have a jolly meal!


Bolognese Sauce Rice Balls

Not just for pasta, bolognese sauce is also a popular stuffing for Italian rice balls! Here, we've got a low-fat, vegan spin made with saucy brown lentils. Give it a go!


Sweet Chilli Prawn Bowl

Only got a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce left? No problem! Use them in this sweet and spicy Asian sauce for prawns. Swipe up and grab the recipe!


French Ratatouille

If your can of tomato sauce is half full instead, pour it into this marvellous veggie stew from Nice, France. A swirl of colourful summer vegetables for a happy dinner!

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