Weight Loss Chia Pudding 5 Ways

Diet-Perfect Pudding

Chia pudding is the perfect breakfast or snack option for weight loss. But what makes it so great?

Chia Seeds Power

Chia seeds are loaded with fibres and proteins, two key nutrients that fill you up for hours and boost metabolism, helping you lose weight.

Healthy Topping Ideas

And with the right toppings, you can make your chia pudding even healthier and so tasty. Here are 5 ingredient combos to try!


Raspberry Matcha Pudding

Boost your chia pudding with fat-burning matcha and top it up with berries for a fruity finish that won’t spike blood sugars.

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Walnut Blueberry Pudding

Level up the protein and fibre count with walnuts, soy yogurt, dates and berries for a super-filling pudding. And delicious too!


Chai-Spiced Pudding

Spiced chai tea makes this pudding taste like a fragrant chai latte and also works wonders against belly fat and sugar cravings.


Blueberry Yogurt Pudding

Classic turns fancy with this low-carb combo of soy yogurt and fresh blueberries. Great as a mid-afternoon snack!


Two-Flavour Tofu Pudding

And for a dessert-like pudding, whizz silken tofu with strawberries and cocoa and layer it with crunchy almonds!

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