What is Cajun Seasoning & 5 Ways to Use it

Cajun seasoning is a rustic spice blend from Louisiana, the home of delicious Cajun cuisine. It's bold, spicy, and earthy!

Preparing Cajun seasoning at home is easy—and so cheap. Simply mix oregano, thyme, paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, and black pepper. Done!

Cajun seasoning is amazing in dips, crackers, rubs, and marinades, but also in soups, stews, roasted veggies, and fries. Check out the next 5 recipes for inspiration!


Cajun Jackfruit Nuggets

These ultra-crispy nuggets of cajun-rubbed jackfruit chunks are simply divine with a drizzle of lemon, mayo, or buffalo sauce. Sounds exciting? Swipe up and try them!

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Cajun-Spiced Po Boy

This mouth-watering sub packs all the amazing flavours of the classic New Orleans sandwich, but with a surprising twist! Swipe up and let's make it together!


Cajun Rutabaga Chips

Cajun seasoning is the best spice rub for flavourful chips and fries. So, why not try it in these low-fat and low-carb rutabaga chips? They're so easy to make at home!


Roasted Cajun Cauliflowers

Here's an easy recipe that's both incredibly healthy and tasty. Crunchy cauliflower florets roasted in a spicy homemade Cajun seasoning with almond flakes. Oh my!


Grilled Cajun Calamari

Cajun seasoning is at home in this Lousiana dish. Grill Cajun-marinated squids to lock in the flavours and serve them on a bed of stewed peppers. Divine!

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