What's Cauliflower Rice + 5 Ways to Use it

How to Make Cauliflower Rice

Dieters are all over cauliflower rice, the super trendy low-carb substitute for rice. But how do you make it and use it in recipes? Let's find out!

#1 Shred

Start with a fresh cauliflower head and grate or blitz the florets into bits so they'll look like white rice grains. Easy!

#2 Cook

Then, cook the riced cauliflower for a few minutes with a little oil and seasoning until tender yet firm to the bite. Done!

5 Recipes to Try

And look, it feels just like real rice but has basically no carbs. A miracle. Now, here are 5 weight-loss dishes you can make with it!

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Cauli Rice Moroccan Salad

This colourful salad packs lots of flavour and nutrients yet keeps the carbs in check. Top it with our spicy dressing and enjoy!


Cauli Rice Zucchini Cups

Stuff zucchini with cauliflower rice, mushrooms, and walnuts for a cute (and healthy) dish that'll make everyone happy!


Sticky Sushi "Rice"

Sushi lovers, your quest for low-carb maki rolls is over. You can now use our sticky cauliflower rice to prepare all sorts of sushi!


Low-Carb Breakfast Burrito

Fuel your morning with this power burrito made with cauli rice, avocado, and tomatoes, all wrapped in an egg omelette. Brilliant!


Almond Cauliflower Falafels

Roll cauliflower rice with chia seeds, cumin, and almond flour to make low-carb falafels. Bake them and add to them a salad!

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