What's Moong Dal + 3 Ways To Cook It

What's Moong?

These tiny beans come from green mung beans, also known as "munggo" or "moong" in Asia. The outer green husk is removed leaving behind the yellow bean core.

And What's Dal?

Dal or daal instead means "to split". In Indian cuisine, it refers to dried pulses that have been split in half. So, here you have it: yellow split mung beans and moong dal are the same!

Tasty & Healthy Beans

These cute beans are deliciously tender and taste a little nutty. Because they're husked and split, they take much less to soak and cook. And they're easier to digest too!

How To Cook Moong Dal

Rinse and soak the beans first to flush away impurities and anti-nutrients like phytic acid. Just a few hours of soaking are enough though, no need for an overnight bath.

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Once the mung beans are soaked, you have two options. Option 1: simmer them in a pot of water until tender, and then use them for curries and soups.

Recipe Idea #1

And guess what, you can even simmer moong dal with oats to make a savoury Indian-style porridge! Try it out in our yummy recipe with turmeric, mango, and cashew nuts.

Recipe Idea #2

Or turn the cooked beans into a sweet yellow paste, perfect for filling Asian pastries, cakes, and buns. It's delicious. Learn how to make it below!

Or Pan-Fry

Option 2: after soaking the beans, cook them in a skillet. Feel free to add your favourite herbs and spices here! You'll have the perfect topping for salads and rice.

Recipe Idea #3

For example, check out this brilliant moong dal salad! It's fresh, crunchy, and satisfying. Toss the beans with carrots, coconut, and our spicy lime dressing. Yum!

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