What's Yellow Jackfruit and 4 Ways to Use it

Here's the glorious jackfruit. The largest tree-borne fruit in the world. This massive fruit is native to southwest India but widely grown across south Asia.

Is Jackfruit Green or Yellow?

Kind of both! When it's unripe, the flesh looks pale green, when fully ripe instead, it's bright yellow. Green jackfruit is mild and "meaty", so it's often used as vegan meat.

Cooking with Green Jackfruit

If you're on a plant-based diet, you may have had green young jackfruit before. It's great in soups, curries, and tacos — even to make vegan pulled "pork"!

The Delight of Yellow Jackfruit

Green jackfruit is great, but yellow jackfruit is on another level. The flesh is golden yellow, softer, and tastes incredibly sweet. It's a cross between mango, banana, and pineapple.

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Where to Get Yellow Jackfruit

You can find yellow jackfruit fresh, frozen, or canned at markets or online. Your local Asian food store could even sell the whole fruit or large chunks.

How to Prep Yellow Jackfruit

Cut loose those white fibrous strands that hold the fruit pods in place and pull them out. Then, open the pods and remove the hard brown seed (which is actually edible!).

Yellow Jackfruit Recipes

Chop up the fruit and get ready to savour it or use it in amazing recipes. Need some inspiration? Here are 4 easy and delicious jackfruit recipes you should try!


No-Sugar Jackfruit Jam

If you're into jam-making, you'll love this homemade jackfruit preserve. It's made with nothing but fresh yellow jackfruit. No sugar, no pectin. And it tastes like the tropics!


Coconut Jackfruit Ice Cream

And now that you have that jackfruit jam, you can use it as a base for this exotic ice cream. Made with silky coconut milk for an extra creamy finish. Swipe up and try it!


Vegan Jackfruit Bread

Love banana bread? Wait till you try this jackfruit sweet loaf. Jackfruit mash replaces the classic bananas but it gives so much more flavour. Don't miss it!


Tropical Jackfruit Smoothie

But if you don't feel like cooking or baking, you can simply whizz yellow jackfruit into a wonderful tropical smoothie. Try it with passion fruit for extra delight!

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