8 Filling Whole Grain Recipes For Weight Loss

Whole Grains For Weight Loss

Whole grains are bursting with fibres. And fibres are incredibly good for weight loss. They fill you for long and curb hunger, so you'll eat less during the day and lose weight naturally!

8 Whole Grain Recipes

We've put together 8 tasty and filling recipe ideas for you — each made with a different whole grain. Find your favourite and try it today!


Redcurrant Oat Groats Porridge

Oat groats are the most wholesome form of oats. And you can use them to make a healthy morning porridge. Simmer them with berries and almond milk until chewy and creamy!


Roasted Buckwheat Bean Salad

Buckwheat is another brilliant whole grain for weight loss. It's got fibres and proteins too. Cook it like rice and top it with crunchy walnuts, red beans, and greens!

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Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl

And you know what else has got proteins? Quinoa. This fabulous whole grain is amazing in buddha bowls. Try it topped with roasted sweet potatoes and our tahini basil pesto!


Thai-Style Brown Rice Pilaf

Brown rice comes with an outer bran layer which is rich in fibres. So good for you! And it's brilliant in stir-fries, like this fresh and spicy Thai pilaf. Don't miss it!


Kale & Hummus Sauce Pasta

Good news pasta lovers, whole wheat pasta counts as a whole grain! So, grab a packet and let's make this quick pasta recipe with creamy hummus and spicy kale!


Saucy Bean Stew with Bulgur

Made from dry cracked wheat, bulgur is a healthy whole grain similar to couscous. And there's no better way to have it than topped with a saucy Middle Eastern bean stew!


Cinnamon Pumpkin Barley Soup

Chewy and nutty, barley is so satisfying — divine in this wintery soup with pumpkin and sweet cinnamon. And if you use the unhulled groats, its goodness skyrockets!


Roasted Pumpkin Spelt Salad

And finally, spelt. An ancient cereal filled with fibres. Cook it up and pair it with our paprika and maple-roasted pumpkin, plus crumbled feta or tofu. You'll love it!

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