3 Reasons Why a High-Fibre Diet Fights Belly Fat

Level Up Your Fibres

Looking for an effective way to shed belly fat? Start by adding more fibres to your diet. Here's why they work and which foods have the most!

Which Fibres Are Best?

Among dietary fibres, soluble fibres are the best for weight loss. They form a thick jelly mix in your stomach that fills you and slows digestion!


Very Filling

So, here's the first benefit of soluble fibres: they're incredibly filling. You'll feel full for longer, eat less later on, and, yes, lose weight!

Chia Power Pudding

One food that has the most soluble fibres is chia seeds. And that's why a creamy chia pudding is the perfect breakfast for weight loss!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Slow Down Digestion

Another way soluble fibres fight belly fat is by slowing down digestion. This prevents blood sugar spikes, cravings, and fat storage!

Carrot Cake Oat Balls

Besides chia seeds, other high-fibre foods to eat more include oats, carrots, and almonds — brilliant together in these gooey bites!


Metabolism Boost

Soluble fibres are so powerful they also boost metabolism and make you absorb fewer calories. A winning combo for belly fat!

Buckwheat Super Salad

So, pack the might of fibre-rich grains, beans, and greens in this easy lunch salad, perfect for your weekly meal prepping!

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