4 Reasons Almonds Are The Healthiest Nuts

The One Nut You Shouldn't Miss

For being so inexpensive, almonds are the most nutritious and health-giving nuts. And here are 4 reasons why!


High Antioxidant Power

Almonds pack lots of antioxidants like vitamin E, especially in their outer skin layer. They're great for immunity, heart health, and brain power!

Nutty Recipe Idea #1

Get a blast of antioxidants with this almond super-toastie, made with glorious spinach and mighty turmeric. Try it today!


Plant-Based Protein Boost

Almonds have the most proteins among nuts, second only to peanuts which are actually a legume. Perfect for a protein top-up!

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Nutty Recipe Idea #2

For your next breakfast, try this high-protein porridge. Buckwheat groats and almond butter join forces for a blast of proteins!


Blood Sugars Balance

Almonds are high in magnesium and fibres, some of the best nutrients to help balance blood sugars and aid weight loss!

Nutty Recipe Idea #3

Filling and energising, these almond butter oat balls will power you up without spiking blood sugars. So, make a big batch!


Good for Your Gut

And finally, almonds are amazing for gut health. That's thanks to their prebiotic fibres which help good gut bacteria thrive!

Nutty Recipe Idea #4

So, make your gut happy and feel at your best with this brekkie pot made with gut-loving oats, yogurt, and crunchy almonds!

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