Are Apples Good for Weight Loss?

Apples for Weight Loss

Apples are one of the best fruits to eat if you’re trying to lose weight. Discover 3 reasons why — plus diet-friendly apple recipes to try!


Apples are High-Fibre

Heard that apples burn belly fat? Yep! Fibres in apples slow down digestion of food, so you actually absorb fewer calories and lose weight.

Recipe #1 Apple Bircher

Make your next breakfast high in fibre with this apple oat bircher recipe. Tasty and perfect for batch-prep!


Apples are Low-Calorie

Another way apples help with weight loss is that they’re bulky but mostly made up of water. So you’ll feel full with fewer calories!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


How Many Apples a Day?

With 90 calories per fruit, one apple day is enough for weight loss. So you can enjoy other fruits as part of a varied diet.

Recipe #2 Apple Chips

You can make a diet snack with nut butter and apple slices, using either a fresh apple or air-fried apple chips like these!


Apples Have Prebiotics

One more reason to eat apples on a diet is their prebiotics, special fibres that aid gut health boosting your metabolism.

Best Apple for Weight Loss

Green apples like Granny Smith have the most fibres, especially those good for gut health, and contain the least sugar.

Recipe #3 Gut-Healthy Smoothie

So, kick start your weight loss with a gut-loving green smoothie. Try this one with apples, yoghurt, and oats!

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