Why Beets Are Incredibly Good For You

Glorious Beets

So colourful and lightly sweet, beets are amazing in roasts, salads, and even smoothies. And they're also incredibly good for your health. One more reason to eat more of them!

Beets Health Benefits

We'll actually give you 4 good reasons why beets should be a staple in your pantry and in your diet. Plus, healthy recipe ideas you can try today!


Help You Lose Weight

Beets are low in calories but pack lots of fibres, which help you feel full for longer. And because they're naturally sweet, they can be very satisfying for folks on a diet!

Black Bean Beet Poriyal

Pair beets with beans for a blast of filling fibres and see how you feel! This Indian stir-fry with cumin, grated coconut, and beets is a delicious recipe you should try!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Boost Your Workout

Beets have nitrates, compounds which make you use oxygen better and boost endurance. So yes, eat beets before a workout to make the most out of it!

Beet Power Smoothie

Whizz beets with kale to make a supercharging smoothie and sip it before the gym. Tip in a few dates for quick energy, and get ready to hit your fitness goals!


Keep Your Heart Healthy

Nitrates in beets also help lower blood pressure, for a happy and healthy heart. They're so powerful they start to work within a few hours you eat a beet!

Cashew Beetroot "Orzotto"

Tonight, prepare a fabulous risotto with whole grain barley and a creamy sauce of beets, cashews, and mint. It's a heart-healthy dinner perfect for the whole family!


Blast of Antioxidants

The pigments that make beets purple-red are also mighty antioxidants. They are your best defence against chronic diseases and ageing. Beets are so amazing!

Homemade Beet Chips

Get a big bunch of beets, grab our recipe, and let's make some purple chips! Deliciously crispy and incredibly healthy. Not a drop of oil!

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