Why Dates Are So Much Better Than Sugar

Say No To Sugar

Want to be healthier, lose weight, or fight cravings? Start by cutting sugar out of your diet, and replace it with a much more nutritious alternative: dates.

What Are Dates?

Dates are the fruit of the date palm tree. They're naturally sweet, deliciously chewy, and taste a bit like caramel. And, unlike sugar, they're actually good for you.

Why Are Dates So Healthy?

Refined white sugar is just empty calories with no nutritional value. Dates are a wholesome food instead. They have vitamins and minerals, fibres and antioxidants.

Do Dates Have Sugar?

Dates do contain fructose, aka fruit sugar. But they have a low glycemic index. Why? Because they come with tons of fibres.

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Fibres in Dates

When you eat a date, its fibres slow down the amount of sugar you actually absorb. And guess what? No blood sugar spikes. And no sugar rush, weight gain, or mood swings.

Dates For Your Everyday

So, a couple of dates a day can satisfy your sweet tooth without affecting your health. But it doesn't end here. You can use dates for healthy baking and cooking too!

How to Use Dates

Use sweet varieties like medjool or deglet noor dates. You can grind them into a powder, blend them into a paste, or just chop them up. And now, try them in the next recipes!


Date Flapjacks

Here's our super healthy makeover of the classic flapjacks. Zero added sugar, just wholesome goodness. So, grab dates, oats, and nuts, and follow our recipe!


Date Brownies

Chewy dates are perfect to make super gooey brownies without using sugar or butter. And this recipe also uses black beans for extra creaminess. Check it out!


Homemade Date Granola

Granola is supposed to be a healthy breakfast food, but many brands actually add a lot of sugars or syrups. So, why not make it yourself using dates? So easy!


Date Blueberry Pudding

Chopped dates make a healthy add-on to this chia breakfast pudding. It's high in proteins and low in sugars, perfect to start the day right. Swipe up and give it a go!


Date Chocolate Mousse

And if dates aren't cool enough, you'll be amazed to know you can even use them to make this silky, chocolaty mousse. Divine topped with some frozen berries!

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