4 Reasons Why Strawberries are So Healthy

Tasty and nutritious, strawberries are also incredibly good for you. Discover why and how to add these amazing berries to your diet in 4 healthy recipes!


Healthy Treat

Strawberries are nature's sweet treat. Yet, they're low in sugars and provide fibres. That's great for stabilising blood sugars and keeping your energy levels up.

Recipe Idea #1

Oats, chia seeds, and strawberries join forces to give you a healthy breakfast that'll fill you up without slowing you down. Swipe up and try the recipe!


Vitamin C Blast

Did you know strawberries have actually more vitamin C than oranges? This powerful antioxidant helps support immunity and keep a young-looking skin.

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Recipe Idea #2

Whizz strawberries with sweet carrots and refreshing ginger and get your antioxidant fix. Follow our recipe and you won't even need a juice extractor!


Antioxidant Powerhouse

Besides vitamin C, strawberries contain many more antioxidants. They clear your body from toxic substances called free radicals, preventing diseases.

Recipe Idea #3

Do you know what else has got lots of antioxidants? Chocolate and turmeric! Combine the three together into a wonderful layered smoothie.



Strawberries are so amazing they can even help rebalance blood sugars after a carb-rich meal. No weight gain and no energy crashes!

Recipe Idea #4

This strawberry and chia protein pudding is a 10-minute recipe that helps you cut down on carbs, feel full, and lose weight!

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