How to make Glass Noodle Pad Thai

Step 1

Soak the glass noodles in a bowl with water for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, sizzle the oil with onions, garlic, and chillies in a wok.

Step 2

Next, add diced tofu and sear it over high-heat until crispy. Then, remove it from the wok and set it aside.

Step 3

Now, add the drained noodles to the wok and cook them for 5 minutes.

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Step 4

Next, stir in the cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, and beansprouts and cook for 5 minutes over high heat.

Step 5

Combine the sauce ingredients in a bowl, add it to the noodles along with the tofu, and stir-fry all for 5 more minutes.

Step 6

Top the pad Thai with spring onions, chillies, and roasted peanuts, and serve with lime wedges and fresh cilantro.

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