How to make Gluten-Free Almond Cake


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This spongy and nutty gluten-free almond cake is as healthy and wholesome as it can be.

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Fill it with our vegan chocolate frosting and turn it into a fabulous celebration cake.

Step 1Part 1

In a bowl, soak the flaxseeds with milk for 5 minutes.

Step 1Part 2

Blend or mash the bananas until creamy.

Step 2Part 1

Combine rice flour, almond flour, starch, and baking powder in a bowl.

Step 2Part 2

Then, add the oil, almond extract, banana mash, and flaxseed mix.

Step 3

Mix all with a spoon or an electric mixer into a creamy cake batter.

Step 4

Transfer the batter into a 24 cm (9.5 inches) round baking tin greased with oil and sprinkle it with almond flakes.

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Step 5

Bake the cake for 30 minutes at 170°C (340°F) and let it cool down on a rack.

Step 6

You can optionally slice the cake in half and fill it with chocolate frosting, almond cream, jam, or lemon curd.

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