How to make Gluten-Free Apple Strudel

Step 1

Soak the raisins in orange juice and blitz one boiled apple into applesauce.

Step 2

Mix almond meal, oat flour, starch, a pinch of salt, oil, water, and applesauce, and work into a dough.

Step 3

Drain the raisins and mix them with two diced apples, maple, flaxseeds, chopped almonds, cinnamon, and citrus zest.

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Step 4

Spread the filling over the dough rolled out to a 3mm (1/8 inch) thick rectangular shape.

Step 5

Roll along the long side and place the strudel seam-side down on a baking tray.

Step 6

Bake the strudel at 180°C (355°F) for 40 minutes, then slice and serve warm.

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