How to make Homemade Vegan Lemon Curd

Step 1

Remove the seeds from the cardamom pods and crush them using a mortar and pestle until they are finely ground.

Step 2

Combine sifted potato starch, grated lemon zest, and the crushed seeds in a saucepan.

Step 3

Whisk the starch with lemon juice until it has dissolved. Next, stir in the almond milk, maple syrup, and almond essence.

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Step 4

Add the turmeric and heat the mixture at low-medium heat. As soon as the cream thickens quickly remove the pot from the heat. Then, stir vigorously until it's dense and smooth.

Step 5

Finally, add the coconut oil and stir until it is well incorporated.

Step 6

Transfer the lemon curd into a jar, seal, and store in the fridge.

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