How to make Acai Yogurt Oatmeal Bowl



Our oatmeal bowl with acai berry yogurt and fresh fruit makes a nourishing and wholesome breakfast.

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Rich in fibres, vitamins and precious probiotics, it's ideal for a slim waistline.


The recipe is quick and easy, ready in just 10 minutes.

Did you know?

Beta-glucan fibres found in oats are so powerful they are also used as medicine.

Step 1Part 1

In a mixing bowl, combine oat flakes with boiled water. Leave the oatmeal to thicken and soften for 5 minutes and then add chopped dates and vanilla extract.

Step 1Part 2

Spoon in half of the Greek yogurt and mix well to incorporate the ingredients.

Step 2Part 1

In a separate mixing bowl, combine the acai berry powder with the remaining yogurt.

Step 2Part 2

Divide the prepared oatmeal among serving bowls or glasses filling them to halfway.

Step 3

Now, top the oats with a layer of acai yogurt. Garnish with sliced apple, kiwi, and banana and sprinkle with bee pollen.

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