How to make Purple Soup with Orange Sauce

Step 1

In a pot, sizzle crushed garlic, grated ginger, and chopped onions. Then, add diced beets and shredded cabbage.

Step 2

Next, cover the vegetables with water, bring to a boil, and simmer for 15 min. Then, add the white beans.

Step 3

Cook the soup for 10 more min and then blend it into a creamy velouté.

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Step 4

In a bowl, whisk orange zest and juice with water and starch.

Step 5

Then, heat the mixture in a pot, while always stirring, until it thickens into a jam-like sauce.

Step 6

Serve the cabbage soup with the orange sauce and garnish with orange slices, crunchy cabbage shreds, and orange zest.

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