How to make Sourdough Croissant



These flaky croissants are dairy-free, egg-free, and sugar-free, made with flavourful sourdough starter.


They are a vegan and healthier alternative to the classic French pastry with half the fats and three times more fibres.

Step 1

Feed your starter with flour and water to activate the sourdough. Leave it to ferment until bubbly and doubled in volume.

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Step 2

Work all the dough ingredients for 10 minutes into a soft and slightly sticky mixture.

Step 3

Cover and prove the dough for 4 hours at room temperature, and then in the fridge for another 4 hours, or overnight.

Step 4

For the oil spread, whisk oil, flour, and a pinch of salt into a smooth paste. Then, refrigerate it for 20 minutes.

Step 5

Roll the dough into a square and spread the oil paste over the centre. Then, pack it up, folding the dough edges over the spread, and roll it out into a long rectangle.

Step 6Part 1

To laminate the pastry, fold the bottom third of the dough rectangle over the centre and then the top third, like a letter.

Step 6Part 2

Then, roll it out and transfer it, seam side down, onto a tray. Prove for 1-2 hours in the fridge; repeat the folding step twice.

Step 7Part 1

Thinly roll out the dough, cut it out into triangles, and roll each of them into a croissant.

Step 7Part 2

Transfer the croissants to a tray and leave to prove covered for 2 hours.

Step 8

Bake the croissants for 18 minutes at 190°C (390°F) until golden.

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