How to make Vegan Krantz Cake (Babka)

Step 1

Leave the dates to soak in a bowl of boiling water while you prepare the dough.

Step 2

Combine the yeast with 15g (0.5 oz) of plain flour and 30ml (1 fl oz) of lukewarm milk. Leave it to bubble for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Next, mix the flours with starch and salt.

Step 4

Then, incorporate lukewarm milk, oil, and the prepared yeast mixture.

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Step 5

Knead the ingredients for 5-10 minutes into a smooth and pliable dough.

Step 6

Roll the dough into a ball, transfer it into a greased bowl, and wrap it in cling film.

Step 7

Then, leave it to prove in a warm place for one hour.

Step 8

Meanwhile, drain the dates, add them to a blender with the given water, and blitz into a smooth paste.

Step 9

Next, melt dark chocolate chunks over a double-boiler, bain-marie, or in the microwave.

Step 10

Now, incorporate the date paste into the melted chocolate and leave it to cool down.

Step 11

Next, roll out the dough into a rectangle over a large sheet of baking paper. Then, spread the chocolate filling over the dough.

Step 12

Starting at the long edge, roll up the dough into a tight log.

Step 13

Now, slice it in half lengthwise, leaving one end uncut. Then twist the dough halves, so that the filling is facing up.

Step 14

Weave the dough halves into a braid, slice the uncut section, and finish the braid.

Step 15

Ease it into a loaf tin and prove for a further 30 minutes.

Step 16

Bake the cake for 50 minutes at 180°C (355°F).

Step 17

Finally, brush it with maple syrup and leave it to cool down on a wire rack.

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