How to make Vegan Lebanese Baklava


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A crunchy filling of pistachios is nested in between crispy layers of filo pastry, all soaked in sweet maple syrup.

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We made this irresistible Lebanese treat without refined sugars and suitable for vegans too.

Step 1Part 1

Add the nuts to a food processor and pulse them in the short bursts until they're coarsely ground.

Step 1Part 2

Then, mix them with 40ml (1.4 fl oz) of maple until they're well coated.

Step 2Part 1

Grease a baking tray, cut the filo sheets to size if needed, and then set half of them aside. Now, start by putting one pastry sheet in the tray and brush it with oil.

Step 2Part 2

Then, layer another sheet on top and brush again. Keep layering and oiling the filo pastry sheets until you have used the first half, aiming for at least 10 layers.

Step 3Part 1

Next, spread the pistachio mixture over the pastry with the help of a spatula.

Step 3Part 2

Take the second half of filo sheets and repeat the layering and oiling process. Then, brush the top sheet with any remaining oil.

Step 4

Using a sharp knife, cut deep lines in the assembled pastry to make small squares, rectangles, or diamond shapes.

Step 5

Bake the baklava at 180°C (355°F) for 20 minutes and then at 150°C (300°F) for a further 20 minutes.

Step 6Part 1

Meanwhile, combine the remaining maple syrup with rose water and ground cinnamon.

Step 6Part 2

Pour the syrup over the warm baklava pieces and then leave them to cool down before serving.

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