How to make Vegan Malfouf Mahshi


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These stuffed cabbage rolls are a tasty vegan version of the classic Lebanese malfouf mahshi.

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We filled them with lentils, brown rice, dill and simmered them in a spiced broth.

Step 1

Remove the core from the base of the cabbage and boil it in water for 40 minutes.

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Step 2

Meanwhile, soak the lentils and rice in a bowl of warm water.

Step 3

Finely dice the tomatoes and onions, slice mint and dill, and mix the spices in a cup.

Step 4

Drain the cabbage, peel off the outer leaves, and trim off the base stem if it's not pliable enough for rolling. Finely chop any cabbage leftovers and set them aside.

Step 5

In a bowl, mix drained lentils and rice with the tomatoes, onions, herbs, half of the spices, and salt to taste.

Step 6Part 1

Add one tablespoon of stuffing at the bottom of each cabbage leaf.

Step 6Part 2

Then, starting at the stem end, roll the cabbage up tightly, tucking in the sides of the leaf as you roll.

Step 7

Sizzle minced garlic and chopped cabbage with oil in a deep pot.

Step 8

Arrange the cabbage rolls in rows, seam side down, and pack them tightly as not to leave any gaps.

Step 9

Cover the rolls with water and season the broth with the remaining spices and salt to taste.

Step 10

Bring to a boil, cook the rolls covered for 40 minutes, and then serve them with spicy tomato sauce.

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