How to make Vegetarian Arancini With Aubergines and Chickpeas

Step 1

Sizzle the onions with olive oil, add the rice and cook for a few minutes. Add a ladle of hot broth and allow to become absorbed before adding the next. Repeat until the rice is well cooked - about 15 minutes.

Step 2

Stir in salt, pepper, saffron, and grated parmesan. Transfer the risotto over a baking tray, cover with cling film, and refrigerate.

Step 3

In the meantime, sizzle crushed garlic with olive oil, and add diced aubergines, tinned chopped tomatoes, chickpeas, fresh basil and parsley. Cook for 10 minutes and then season with salt, paprika, and lemon zest.

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Step 4

Scoop a portion of cold risotto into your hand and add one tablespoon of the filling mix in the centre. Then, wrap the rice around the filling to seal the rice ball.

Step 5

Prepare one bowl with flour and water and one with mixed breadcrumbs, garlic powder, and dried basil. Dip each ball first in the batter and then in the breadcrumbs.

Step 6

Transfer the vegetarian arancini into a non-stick baking tray and brush them with olive oil. Bake the at 180°C (355°F) for 30 minutes.

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