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What are you qualifications?

I am a pharmacist (MPharm), qualified nutrition advisor (AfN level 4), certified vegan nutritionist (CoE), and weight-loss coach (CoE).

I am the recipe designer here at Foodaciously, and I have personally designed close to 600 recipes in the past five years, and counting! All my recipes focus on being as allergen-free and diet-friendly as possible.

Is Ko-fi the same as Patreon?

They are very similar, yes.

We chose Ko-fi instead of Patreon because Ko-fi takes much smaller fees. This allows us to keep our membership prices lower so that we can reach more people!

What kind of meal plans can I expect?

Every month I will design and publish a new 7-day vegan meal plan.

The meal plans are designed with three goals in mind:

  • batch-cooking-friendly recipes

  • maximum health

  • weight-loss / weight-maintenance

So, you can expect easy and healthy recipes with lots of protein and fibers and the occasional treat of course — but always striving to be healthy.

If your objective is not weight-loss but muscle gain, you may still find value here: The meal plans have a solid protein/kcal ratio and are filled with slow-energy-release foods. Just scale up the portions to meet your caloric needs.

Can I see a sample meal plan before joining?


Just head over to our Ko-fi page, go into the posts, and there will be a post titled 'Sample Meal Plan' that doesn't require being a subscriber to download! Or simply click here: Sample Meal Plan Post.

How do I get the meal plans?

Just log to your Ko-Fi account and visit the posts section on our Ko-fi page.

You'll also be able to download all the meal plans we published before you joined.

When will you publish new meal plans?

I will publish them in the first week of every month!

What if I don't like to stick to a meal plan?

Meal planning is not for everyone, I get it.

The benefits of sticking to "some sort of plan" are huge, whether your goal is building muscles or losing weight.

But if you're good at counting macros on your own, and you just want tasty new recipes to try every month, then you can have just that!

Because of how I design each meal plan, you can also use it as a normal "recipe book". All the recipes are grouped together in an easy-to-browse fashion.

I signed up for the Muffin tier. How do I chat with you?

Members of the 'Muffin Tier' will have the option to "chat" when they visit our Ko-fi page. Please allow up to 24 hours for a "message us" button to appear!

How quickly will you reply to my questions?

I'll reply as soon as I read them!

Just keep in mind that I live in the UK, so my time zone may be different than yours 😊.

Can I really ask you as many questions as I want?


Whatever question or doubt you have on nutritional and dieting things, I'll help you.

Also, ask me anything related to cooking, making recipes, or swapping ingredients you're allergic to. I've learned a lot of tricks and I'll be happy to share them with my supporters!

How do I cancel the membership?

You can cancel anytime you want without having to tell us anything. You can do so from your Ko-fi account or by simply cancelling the recurring payment in your bank or Paypal.

You can learn more about this from the Ko-fi help page here.

I still have some questions

Please reach out here!