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Welcome to Foodaciously

We are Marta — a registered Pharmacist and certified Nutrition Advisor — and Edward — a Software Engineer. We love cooking almost as much as we love one another.

Our goal is to help you eat truly healthy, diet-friendly, and allergen-free food.

How do we do that? By designing the healthiest recipes and helping you find your perfect match with our Recipe Smart-Search .

🚀 Our mission is to help everyone find food they love, and that loves them back.

At Foodaciously, we want to help people eat delicious food that is also good for them. No matter your diet or whatever food allergy you may have, you will find something you love here.

Thanks to Marta's profession and experience, we know how to design recipes that are fundamentally healthy and wholesome. We make sure you eat balanced meals that are good for your long term wellbeing.

We hope you'll enjoy our work and thank you for being here. Happy eating!

Foodaciously Yours ❤️,

Marta & Edd