Terms of Service

Last revised: Jan 9, 2022

The following terms may be modified at our discretion.
The terms of service last revised date will be updated to reflect the changes, and the new copy of the terms will be visible on this page

Allergens Disclaimer

We spend a lot of time making sure our recipes properly categorize ingredients with allergens but we may at times commit mistakes.
If a user of our service is allergic to some specific ingredient, it is their responsibility to ensure a certain recipe will not harm them. We claim no responsibility over the accuracy of our data nor will we be responsible for any damage that may result to readers sensitive to allergies. Thus, by using our service, you indemnify us and our partners against any damage.

If you have any question regarding a recipe allergens, please get in touch with us.

Our sponsors will have their logos shown in selected areas of the website, for as long as the sponsorship program is running.

Upon clicking on the logo, the visitor will be redirected to the sponsor website.

A sponsor may update their logo and other provided asset at any time during the program.

The sponsorship program may be terminated at our discretion. In this case, all sponsorship subscriptions will be interrupted and the sponsor will be refunded for the remaining days of the running monthly subscription fee.

Sponsors may also terminate their sponsorship subscription at any time, either from their Ko-fi.com platform, or by simply discontinuing payment of the sponsorship subscription. In this case, no refund will be issued.

Prime Sponsorship

On top of the terms above, a prime sponsorship comes with the following additional terms.

The prime sponsorship price is fixed for 12 months since the beginning of the sponsorship. After this term, we may increase the price to reflect an increased demand in the program, or an increase in traffic, or for other similar reasons.

A prime sponsor will always be given notice of such increase in price, and they may decide to continue or discontinue their sponsorship, as described above.

If the prime sponsor decides to discontinue the program, the prime partnership and benefits therein granted will terminate.

If the prime sponsor decides to continue the program, the sponsorship will continue at the updated price, starting at the beginning of the 13th month.

If you have any question regarding the sponsorship program, please get in touch.