Sugar Free Banana and Date Flapjacks

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With half the sugars and ten times less saturated fats than the classic recipe, these banana and date flapjacks make a healthier choice for your next breakfast or snack on-the-go. Thanks to mashed bananas and blended dates they are so chewy and flavourful, while walnuts, flaxseeds, and oats load them fibres, healthy fats, and omega-3.

Sugar Free Banana and Date Flapjack Recipe




Time 35m



Loaded with nutrients and flavour, these sugar-free banana and date flapjacks make a healthy and low-calorie breakfast treat or snack on-the-go.

While the classic recipe includes loads of butter and sugar, we have used only mashed bananas and blended dates to give these vegan flapjacks a chewy texture and a sweet and rich taste while keeping both sugars and fats low.

In fact, as these flapjacks are prepared without butter, they have ten times less saturated fats than the classic ones.

Moreover, the combination of oats, nuts, and seeds makes them higher in proteins and fibres, helping you to feel full for longer and curb cravings.

Nuts and seeds, especially walnuts and flaxseeds, provide healthy unsaturated fats, omega-3, and antioxidants essential for good health.

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  • Jumbo Rolled Oat
    400 g
  • Hazelnuts
    25 g
  • Walnuts
    50 g
  • Sunflower Seeds
    15 g
  • Ground Flaxseeds
    12 g
  • Cinnamon
    1 tsp
  • Baobab Powder (optional)
    5 g
  • Pitted Dates
    230 g
  • Peeled Bananas
    230 g
  • Almond Milk
    100 mL
  • Vanilla Extract
    1 tsp

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Recipe Instructions

step 1

Blitz half of the oat flakes in a blender until you have a fine powder.

In a mixing bowl, combine the ground oat, oat flakes, chopped hazelnuts and walnuts, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, cinnamon, and baobab powder.

step 2

Blend the pitted dates until you have a thick paste and add it to the oat mixture.

Then, incorporate mashed bananas.

Warm the almond milk with vanilla extract without letting it boil and then pour it in the oat and date mix.

Knead until the dough comes together and it feels soft to work with.

step 3

Transfer the flapjack dough into a 20 cm (7.8 inches) square baking tray lined with parchment paper flattening it down with a spatula (1).

Bake at 180°C (355°F) for 25 minutes and then allow to cool down on a wire rack.

Slice into flapjack squares or bars (2).

Your sugar-free banana and date flapjacks are ready to enjoy with a nice cup of coffee!



  • Depending on the quality of the dates you buy, they might be softer or harder. If you see they’re difficult to blend, just soak them in warm water for 10 minutes, drain, and then blitz.

  • Instead of hazelnuts and walnuts, you can use other nuts like brazil nuts and pecans.

  • Wet the parchment paper with water, squeeze it, and then use it to line the baking tray. This way, the paper will adhere better to the tin and you’ll have perfectly shaped flapjacks.

  • Store these healthy date flapjacks in an airtight container for up to three days or freeze for one month.