Sugar-Free Vegan Mango Sorbet

Made with just frozen mangoes, this sorbet recipe is a quick and easy way to prepare homemade ice cream without a machine. It's vegan and sugar-free, with just 90 kcal per cup.

{Sugar-Free, Vegan} Mango Sorbet Recipe


Nutrition per serving
Net Carbs20.1 g7.3%
of which Sugars20.5 g22.8%
Fibers2.4 g8.7%
Fats0.6 g0.9%
of which Saturates0.1 g0.7%
of which Omega 30.1 g6.8%
Proteins1.2 g2.7%
Calcium17 mg1.7%
Vitamin A81 mcg11.6%
Vitamin C55 mg73.2%
Iron0.2 mg1.7%
Potassium253 mg7.2%
Sodium2 mg0.1%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Kcal91 4.5%
Macro split
  • net carbs 83%
  • sugars 84%
  • fats 2%
  • saturates 1%
  • proteins 5%
  • fibers 10%
*RDA based on a 2000 kcal diet;
**Nutritional data sources: USDA, food labels.
91 per serving
1h 10m

It's refreshing, it's as good as ice cream, but ten times healthier. What is it? It's our sugar-free, vegan mango sorbet!

Top sorbets live by the philosophy of less is more. Why add in unnecessary ingredients, like dairy or added sugars, when all you need is fruit? Our dairy-free mango sorbet contains only two ingredients: ripe mangoes and lime juice.

In all things in life, you need to put in hard work to get something awesome coming your way. Homemade sorbets are the exception. Our mango sorbet is quick and easy to make and doesn't need an ice cream maker! Apart from waiting for the mango to freeze, it only requires a bit of blitzing. The result is a creamy dessert with a refreshing tropical taste.

Want more good news? Compared to the classic recipe, one 150g (5 oz) cup of this sugar-free sorbet has half the calories, only 90kcal, and half the sugars, only 23% of your RDI.

Our mango sorbet is as healthy as fruit but much more satisfying. Are you ready? Let's make this together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to use a sweetener, which one should I use?

Instead of using sugars, we suggest you do as we did, and use very ripe mangoes. Ripe mango is very sweet, and because mangoes have a good glycemic index, its sugars are not harmful.

If you are not ready to make the jump to sugar-free recipes, then fear not. We will suggest some healthier alternatives to white refined sugars that you can use in this vegan mango sorbet.

  • Erythritol

  • Stevia

  • Maple

  • Dates

Erythritol is our favourite zero-sugars sweetener. We use it all the time in our sugar-free recipes, because it's almost as sweet as sugar (70% as sweet) but comes with virtually 0 carbs. How is it possible, you ask? In non-scientific terms, your taste buds feel its sweetness, yet your body is not fully capable of metabolising it, so it just gets discarded.

Stevia is another option to erythritol. The main difference is that while erythritol is 70% as sweet as white sugars, stevia extract is 200 times sweeter, so you have to use way less.

Maple is another favourite of ours. We love honey as well, but use maple whenever we want to keep our recipes vegan.

Dates are the kings in our gluten-free and sugar-free bakes. We love dates! If you don't mind giving your mango sorbet a brownish colour, then give dates a try. Just blitz them in with the frozen mango.

What other fruits go well in mango sorbet?

Mango is a delicate fruit that excels both on its own or when paired with others. Below we will suggest a few ingredients you can add to this sorbet.

If you crave tropical flavours, then use passion fruit or pineapple.

For a creamier texture, add in bananas.

To add some proteins and crunch to the sorbet, try sprinkling in chopped nuts like pistachio or cashew nuts.

If you want the mango to triumph over the other flavours, use the extra ingredients in smaller quantity. For example, if you are using 100 g of mango, you could use 50 grams of pineapple, or banana, and 30 grams of passion fruit.

Is sorbet vegan?

Sorbets, in theory, should be vegan, as their dairy counterparts are known as sherbets.

But not everyone cares to make this distinction, as "sherbet" is not as well known to customers as "sorbet". Therefore, some brands or shop may add non-vegan ingredients to their sorbet offerings, like dairy products or honey.

Our mango sorbet recipe above is 100% vegan, so you can just roll with it with an absolute peace of mind.

Is it healthy/ good for people with diabetes?

If you can eat mango and lime juice, you can eat our mango sorbet. Those are literally the only two ingredients we used.

The good news for people on extremely low sugar diets, like who suffers from diabetes, is that mango is a low GI food. The Glycemic Index of mango is between 50 and 60, and the Glycemic load is 9, making this fruit an excellent choice for diabetics, if not eaten excessively.

Basically, unless you eat an entire tub of sorbet, you can enjoy our recipe whether you are on a weight-loss diet, or have to keep your blood sugar levels in check.


Measuring System
Very Ripe Mangoes1.5 kg
Lime Juice1 tbsp

Step 1

Make sure you use very ripe mangoes for this recipe, as green ones won't taste as sweet. The fruit skin should look reddish, and its flesh should be very soft, almost mushy.

Peel and dice the mangoes and freeze them for 6 hours or overnight. Use a freezer-friendly container, zip-lock bag, or cling film.

Chopped mangoes

Step 2

Using a powerful food processor, blitz the frozen fruit along with lime juice to make a smooth and creamy sorbet.

Blended frozen mangoes with lime to make sorbet

Step 3

Enjoy the ice cream right away in serving cups or cones.

Alternatively, transfer it to a container, keep in the freezer, and give it a quick stir every two hours for 4-5 times to break down any ice crystal.

Mango sorbet in a tin


Add grated lime zest to the frozen mangos for an extra kick.