Beet Barley Risotto with Cashews

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Beetroots give this barley risotto a gorgeous pink hue and a wonderful earthy flavour. Round it off with fresh mint and lemon cashew cream for a lovely meal worthy of a date night dinner.

Vegan Beet Barley Risotto with Cashews




Time 30m



Whether you're serving it for a fancy dinner or just making it for yourself, this beet barley risotto is as gorgeous as delicious. Ready in just 30 minutes, each bowl packs the earthy flavour of beets and the freshness of mint.

Preparing this risotto is super simple: all you have to do is simmer pearl barley in vegetable stock until tender; then, stir in mashed beetroots, cashew cream, and finish it off with chopped mint. Scoop it into your nicest bowl, and get ready to savour the best veggie risotto ever!

Risotto is a staple Italian dish consisting of short-grain arborio rice, first sizzled with chopped onions and extra virgin olive oil and then slowly cooked in stock. Risotto is often paired with seafood, saffron, porcini mushrooms, or parmesan cheese for extra flavour.

In our recipe, we swapped white rice with barley and grated parmesan with rich cashew cream. It's a fun twist on the classic risotto, suitable for those on a vegan diet or with a milk allergy.

Beetroots add a beautiful pink hue to the dish and load it with precious antioxidants. We balanced the earthy note of beets with the bold taste of mint and the sour zing of our lemon cashew cream. You won't believe a beet risotto can taste so good!

One bowl of this barley risotto makes a well-balanced meal in 530 calories. It also covers over 30% RDI of proteins and a whopping 70% RDI of fibres. Awesome!


  • Cashew Nuts
    50 g
  • Beetroots (cooked or raw)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    1 tbsp
  • Red Onions
  • Pearl Barley
    140 g
  • Vegetable Stock
    400 mL
  • Almond Milk
    60 mL
  • Lemon Juice
    2 tbsp
  • Garlic Powder
    0.2 tsp
  • Lemon Zest
    2 tsp
  • Fresh Mint
    to taste
Allergens are marked in bold

Recipe Instructions

step 1

Add the cashews to a cup, cover with hot water, and let them soak while you prepare the risotto (1).

Meanwhile, blitz the beetroots in a food processor (2).

You can use either fresh or cooked beets; if you're using raw beetroots, peel them before blending them.


step 2

Heat the oil in a skillet and sizzle finely chopped red onions for 2 minutes.

Then, stir in the barley, rinsed and drained, and cook it for 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, bring the vegetable stock to boil in another pot.

step 3

Now, cover the barley with the vegetable stock and simmer the risotto over medium heat for 15 minutes, stirring it occasionally.

step 4

Drain the cashews and blitz them with almond milk, lemon juice, garlic powder, salt and pepper until smooth (1).

Then, add the cashew cream and blended beets to the barley risotto.

Cook for 8 more minutes until the stock has reduced and the risotto is creamy.

Now, remove the pan from heat and tip in the lemon zest (2)


step 5

Divide the risotto among bowls and top it with finely chopped mint leaves.

You can finish it off with some roasted cashews and cracked black pepper.


  • You can add a splash of red wine to the skillet with the dry barley in step 2.

  • You can swap mint with fresh parsley or dill.