Cabbage Sweet Potato Soup

Two-Tone Soup

We turned this red cabbage sweet potato soup into a gorgeous two-tone velouté, spiced with ginger and chillies. Tasty and healthy, each bowl covers half of your daily fibres, all in just 270 calories.

Cabbage Sweet Potato Soup Recipe


Nutrition per serving
Net Carbs43 g15.6%
of which Sugars13.1 g14.6%
Fibers12.5 g44.6%
Fats8.6 g13.2%
of which Saturates0.9 g4.7%
of which Omega 30.4 g40.9%
Proteins11.6 g25.2%
Calcium133 mg13.3%
Vitamin A765 mcg109.3%
Vitamin C65 mg87.2%
Iron3.8 mg25.6%
Potassium880 mg25.2%
Sodium460 mg20%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Kcal296 14.8%
Macro split
  • net carbs 57%
  • sugars 17%
  • fats 11%
  • saturates 1%
  • proteins 15%
  • fibers 16%
*RDA based on a 2000 kcal diet;
**Nutritional data sources: USDA, food labels.
296 per serving

We turned this red cabbage and sweet potato soup into a super-cute two-tone velouté. It's so creamy, flavourful, and easy to make it will become your new favourite — guaranteed!

We made two colourful veggie soups, one purple with cabbage and one orange with sweet potatoes. Then, we layered them into each bowl to make a gorgeous ring pattern, worthy of the fanciest restaurant.

Blending red cabbage with kidney beans makes the soup thick and creamy, while adding ginger root and lemon juice brings a refreshing zing to the dish. Also, we paired sweet potatoes with a generous pinch of chilli powder for a sweet and spicy kick.

A bowl of this hearty soup makes a super-healthy vegan meal loaded with fibres, vitamins, and antioxidants. Cabbage is a nutrient-dense yet low-calorie vegetable rich in vitamin A, C, and K. Plus, it's packed with purple plant pigments with powerful antioxidant properties[1].

Sweet potato is high in fibres helping you feel full for longer, curb appetite, and reduce cravings. Also, it's an incredible source of vitamin A, a precious nutrient for your eyes and immune system[2].

Beside being super-healthy and tasty, this soup is also perfect for those on a weight-loss diet. Each bowl has only 270 calories, and it covers half of your RDI of fibres and only 10% RDI of fats. Get your kitchen apron ready, and let's cook it together!


Measuring System
Orange Soup
Extra Virgin Olive Oil1 tbsp
Garlic Clove1
Medium Onion1/2
Sweet Potato400 g
Chilli Powder1/2 tsp
Water (or Vegetable Stock)500 mL
Purple Soup
Extra Virgin Olive Oil1 tbsp
Garlic Clove1
Medium Onion1/2
Red Cabbage400 g
Canned Red Kidney Beans340 g
Fresh Ginger Root10 g
Lemon Juice2 tbsp
Water (or Vegetable Stock)1 L

Step 1

Let's start by making the purple cabbage soup.

Heat the olive oil in a pot, then add chopped garlic and onion.

Sizzle for 3 minutes until the onion is soft and the garlic is fragrant.

Now, add chopped red cabbage, drained and rinsed red kidney beans, and peeled ginger root.

red cabbage and beans stew in a pot

Step 2

Pour in the water or vegetable stock and bring to a boil.

Simmer covered for 15-20 minutes over medium heat until the cabbage is tender.

Then, season with salt and pepper to taste.

red cabbage stew in a pot

Step 3

Now, blitz the cabbage stew with an immersion blender or a food processor into a creamy veloute.

Then, stir in the lemon juice and set the purple soup aside.

red cabbage veloute

Step 4

For the orange sweet potato soup, take another pot and heat the oil with chopped garlic and onion.

Sizzle for 3 minutes, and then add the sweet potato, peeled and cut into chunks.

Tip in the chilli powder and stir well.

sweet potatoes stew with chilli powder

Step 5

Now, cover the potatoes with water or vegetable stock and bring it to a boil.

Simmer over medium heat for 15 minutes until the potato chunks are soft.

Then, season with salt and pepper to taste.

chilli and sweet potato stew in a pot

Step 6

Next, blend the sweet potato stew into a smooth veloute using an immersion blender or food processor.

Then, remove the pot from the heat.

sweet potato veloute

Step 7

Finally, let's assemble our two-tone soup.

For each serving bowl, pour two ladles of purple soup, followed by one of orange soup in the centre.

Spread out the sweet potato soup with the back of a spoon into a circle.

Then, pour one small ladle of purple soup in the centre over the orange circle, once again spreading it into a ring with a spoon.

You can also swap one soup type with the other and get opposite colours.

Finish off this gorgeous soup with shredded raw cabbage and cracked pepper.

two tone cabbage sweet potato soup in a bowl


Add 1/2 teaspoon of ground turmeric and a pinch of black pepper to the sweet potato stew before blending it. You'll get a deeper orange tone and an extra boost of antioxidants too.